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Acetal copolymer is one of the most widely used engineering

thermoplastics available today.

A semi-crystalline copolymer material with a good all round balance of engineering properties making it suitable for many applications. It can operate continuously up to 100 deg C and the advantage of low moisture absorption,  good impact resistance and excellent strength stiffness and good chemical resistance.

Acetal copolymer is used extensively in traditional "metals" applications where the combination of strength and toughness offer winning advantages. Acetal meets EU and FDA requirements for food contact applications. Available in rod and sheet.



• High stiffness and hardness


• Good impact strength at temperatures as low as -40°C

• Very good stability at high temperatures


• High dimensional stability


• Good fatigue resistance


• Good sliding properties


• Low coefficient of friction


• Good electrical insulating properties


• Low moisture absorption


• Good chemical resistance


• Excellent machining capabilities - ideal for close
   tolerance parts.


• Ideal for parts requiring excellent dimensional stability and a
   bright surface finish.


• Mechanical engineering, automotive industry, manufacture of
   chemical equipment; e.g. meter components, sliding
   elements, gears, control discs, impellers, bearings, pump
   components, valve bodies, catch elements, coil bodies,
   bearing cages, clutch parts, pump housings.


• Acetal can be used in "hot water" applications up to 60°C
   without hydrolysis affect.




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