The Right Application is Key –  Tel: +27 11 472 0670

The Right Application is Key –  Tel: +27 11 472 0670


Moly Nylon is a cast Nylon 6 material that has been modified with an MoS2 filler.

This gives excellent wear resistance, self lubrication and low friction characteristics. This is an ideal material for dynamic bearing applications.

Suitable for Medium Load Bearings, Gear wheels, Rollers, Bushes, Sprockets, Cams, Wear pads, Sheave wheels, Pulleys, Sliding parts, Support and Guide wheels, Conveyor and Tension rollers, Buffer pads etc.


• Good sliding properties.

• Extremely high abrasion resistance.

• High mechanical strength coupled with high impact strength.

• Excellent machinability.

• High mechanical damping ability.

• Working temperature range of -40°C to 110°C continuous.

• Good adhesive properties.

• EU & FDA approved for direct food contact applications.

Please note: In thin-walled parts, reduced mechanical strength and dimensional stability.


• Moly Nylon is frequently used as a substitute for aluminium, brass or bronze. Used for a wide range of industrial components both for Original Equipment Manufacture and maintenance.

• Mechanical engineering: e.g. sliding parts, rollers, bushes, slide bearings, wear pads, support and guide wheels, sprockets tension rollers.

• Offshore: e.g. bogies, cable winches, sheaves.

• Vehicle construction: e.g. sliding parts, hoisting gear, rope pulleys.

• Food industry: e.g. sliding parts, conveyor stars wheels, spiral conveyors, feed screws.