The Right Application is Key –  Tel: +27 11 472 0670

The Right Application is Key –  Tel: +27 11 472 0670


Oil Filled Nylon is an internally lubricated oil filled cast nylon 6 which is self-lubricating in the real meaning of the word. This highly modified caprolactum grade has internal liquid lubricant evenly distributed throughout the polymeric mix and is a distinctive green colour

Oil Filled Nylon is specifically developed for unlubricated moving parts applications and yields a considerable growth in the application possibilities of nylon sheet, rod and tube. This is because of its reduced coefficient of friction (-50%) and improved wear resistance (up to 10X).


• Excellent sliding properties.

• Extremely high abrasion resistance.

• High mechanical strength coupled with high impact strength.

• Excellent machinability.


• Mechanical engineering: e.g. Low load, high speed and low temperature slide or journal bearings, sliding parts, rollers, bushes.

• Offshore: e.g. bogies, cable winches.

• Vehicle construction: e.g. sliding parts, hoisting gear, rope pulleys.

• Foods industry: e.g. sliding parts, conveyor stars, spiral conveyors.



• For Oil Filled Nylon to be most effective, constant speed and pressure is required to activate the liquid lubricant. A fluid lubricant is advantageous in lowering the coefficient of friction and offers a reduction in the “stick – slip” effect however, in applications with minimal sliding movement and intermittent pressure; it is very difficult to maintain the lubricating film as viscosity drops with an increase in temperature. The lubricating film will therefore not be at the sliding faces. Under high loads the thickness of the lubricating film may be reduced as it is forced out from between the sliding surfaces.