The Right Application is Key –  Tel: +27 11 472 0670

The Right Application is Key –  Tel: +27 11 472 0670


PP-H polypropylene is a good choice for mechanical and structural applications.

PP-H polypropylene is one of the most cost effective and widely used general purpose EPP’s available. It is a stiff and hard polyolefin, with high heat resistance and excellent chemical resistance at elevated temperatures. Used extensively in the chemical process industry it is also highly resistant to aqueous solutions of salts, acids and alkalis. PP-H is can be readily formed with excellent toughness at room temperature.

It is an easily weldable thermoplastic which makes it ideal for tanks, fittings and vessels for the mineral processing, mining and galvanizing industries. Has very low permeability to water vapour and gasses.


• Good mechanical strength – a hard, stiff and readily workable material. (More rigid than PE).

• Good impact resistance at room temperature – robust and tough.

• Very high chemical resistance.

• Moisture resistance – excellent for food and chemical applications.

• Higher scratch resistance than HDPE.

• Thermoformable and weldable – ideal for fabrication.

• Operating temperature of -20 °C (short term only) to 130 °C.

• Higher melting temperature (between 160 °C – 165 °C).


• Food or corrosive storage vessels, cooling or scrubbing towers, pipe flanges, tanks and tank linings for chemical storage, electroplating barrels, fume cupboards, pump bodies, water treatment, plating tanks and hoods.

• Take care when designing with PP. Consideration should be given to its coefficient of linear expansion, modulus of elasticity and compressive strength. It can be butt welded, extrusion welded or spun welded.

• Stretched backed sheets can be bonded to metal structures with an adhesive.