The Right Application is Key –  Tel: +27 11 472 0670

The Right Application is Key –  Tel: +27 11 472 0670


PVC is a highly amorphous material with chemical resistance in areas where HDPE and PP fall short.

PVCs are especially outstanding for their high form stability, excellent chemical resistance, thermo formability and excellent flame retardant properties. PVC with high chemical resistance and normal impact strength.


• High rigidity, strength and toughness in comparison with other thermoplastics.

• Very high acid resistance (resists many acids, alkalis and solvents).

• Moderate impact resistance and high service temperature (-10°C – 70°C ).

• Very good moisture resistance.

• Good dimensional stability.

• Bondable – solvent based adhesives.

• Thermoformable and machinable.

• Very good UV resistance.

• Conforms to the technical supply conditions of DIN 16927 for PVC-U.

• PVC also conforms to the requirements of ASTM-D 1784 class 12464-B.

• Suitable for use in applications where Sodium Hypochlorite is present.


• Chemical engineering and tank building, Mechanical engineering and plant construction, laboratory benches, fume hoods and equipment.