The Right Application is Key –  Tel: +27 11 472 0670

The Right Application is Key –  Tel: +27 11 472 0670


Virgin – Unfilled P.T.F.E. is the most common form and has some unique features which, apart from its good slip characteristics, the advantages of this high performance product lies less in its mechanical than in its thermal, electrica.

POLYTETRAFLUOROETHYLENE (PTFE) exhibits a unique set of characteristics and is resistant to practically all chemicals. An excellent construction material, it will not degrade when exposed to UV or swell and dissolve in common organic or inorganic solvents. It has a low co-efficient of friction with a wide service temperature range and unless chemically treated, no substance will stick to the non-stick surface of PTFE.


• Chemically inert.

• Insoluble in all known solvents below 300ºC.

• High thermal stability, continuous service temperature range -270º to 260ºC.

• Low coefficient of friction.

• Outstanding electrical and dielectric properties.

• Resistant to stress cracking and weathering.

• Limited use in structural components because of low modulus of elasticity.

• Poor wear resistance.

• Poor mechanical strength.

• Non toxic EU and FDA approval for food contact applications.

• Very high specific gravity.

• Easy to machine.


• Mechanical seals, gaskets, packing’s, electrical insulators, bridge bearing pads, chemical bellows, vee rings, valve seats, spiral back-up rings, ball valve seats and seals, expansion bearings, chemical transfer tubing, linings and coatings, glandless valves and pumps, laboratory equipment.